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State clients

Yekaterinburgenergo Major repairs of heating mains. Reconstruction of car wash facilities.  
2005 Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region
Krasnodar regional ministry of education and science Design and construction of the Children's Art School for 600 pupils  
2009 Uspensky district, Krasnodar territory
Krasnodar region construction department Survey and design works  
2009 Krylovskaya, Krasnodar region
Konakovo administration Modernization of water-pressure structures with the installation of a water purification station and a water tower in Konakovo  
2010 Konakovo, Krasnodar region
Abinsk department of education Design works of modular type gym  
Abinsk, Rostov region
Krasnodar regional constuction department Universal sports complex (engineering networks)  
2009 Krylovskaya, Krasnodar region