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JSC "Managing company of building holding" provides a full range of engineering services:

  • EPC(M)
    • ЕРС(М)-contractor General designer (designer) Procurement of main technological and engeneering systems General contractor (construction, installation and comissionig work management) Production maintenance
  • Basic engineering
    • Basic technology elaboration Calculation of productivity and resources Selection of main technological, automation equipment and auxiliary components.
  • Design
    • General designer (designer) Collection and preparation of the initial and allowing documentation (IAD) Coordination of the statement of work Development of feasability offers and calculations Engineering surveys Draft design elaboration Elaboration of all sections of design-budget documentation, including special sections: Civil defense and engineering measures, Emergency prevention measures Development of the concept of automation, technical requirements and specifications on industrial control system, optimization of technical requirements in relation to the object Environment impact assessment Environmental protection Industrial safety declaration Development of projects of sanitary protection zones (SPZ), the maximum permissible emissions (MPE), standards of waste formation and waste placement limits Organization and maintenance of design package expertise Designer supervision
  • Procurement management
    • Supply of accessories and materials according to design package Supply of auxilary equipment Supply of main technological eqipment
  • Construction and installation work
    • General contractor Construction site preparation Arrangement of foundations for equipment installation and building construction Networks laying Buildings and structures construction Design-based equipment installation Connection of equipment to power sources, resources and control channels Preparation of executive documentation
  • Comissioning work
    • Debugging of technological communications between complex elements Adjustment and control of system elements Complex ensure to the project capacity with achievement of guaranteed performances
  • Warranty service
    • Performance of works, ordered by equipment manufacturers for its smooth functioning during warranty period Supply, repairs, replacement and setup of the parts and accessories of complex elements damaged during warranty period Issue of instructions and recommendations for complex operation
  • Upgrading
    • Development of upgrade project aimed to high-quality change of technical, technological, ergonomic, ecological comlex characteristics Construction and installation works according to upgrade project Commissioning of upgrade complex Supply of equipment and materials according to upgrade project Construction and installation works according to upgrade project